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The AEP:

the management body of the Fidélis school complex

Any private school under an association contract with the State is managed by an Association recognized as being of public utility, managed by volunteers, which therefore has its Board of Directors and its elected Bureau.


The AEP (Popular Education Association) Saint Denis Fidélis is therefore the management body of the Fidélis school group. Its statutes are deposited in the prefecture.


The Chairman, Mr G. Ganet,  is legally responsible for it.


In collaboration with the Diocese of Seine Saint Denis, the AEP appoints the Heads of Establishment;

It draws up the establishment's general budget and oversees its monitoring;

It draws up the educational budget in partnership with the Heads of Establishment and oversees its application;

In collaboration with the Heads of Establishment, it manages and hires staff;

She manages the administrative staff and  on duty.

The Association is the owner of the real estate assets. As such, it manages and  maintains the buildings, ensures the security of the site.


The AEP builds, enlarges, improves for the well-being of the whole school group.


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