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Parents' Association


APEL is the Association of Parents of Free Education Pupils. It is an association recognized in the statutes of Catholic Education. The APELs were created more than 80 years ago by parents of students who wanted to be involved in the life of their child's school. You will find the national APEL website here , to find out more about the general missions of APEL.


Concretely at Fidélis:

APEL brings together several parents of kindergarten, elementary and middle school students. Like any Association, it is managed by a Board of Directors which elects its office.

  => The APEL contributes to the animation of the life of the Establishment by the organization of demonstrations, the implementation of projects, the follow-up of activities: the Christmas market, the evening of the schoolchildren, the show of the primary school, the careers forum, the crepe party, the fair... and many other things! The Apel also participates in the financing of our students' activities : the benefits generated by the events  organized are donated to primary and middle school to help with educational projects chosen by teachers. For example, grant  €250 in December 2016 to buy the books at the CDI, partial funding of outings - visit of 3rd graders to the Museum of the Great War in Meaux for example -, funding of projects (intervention with 5th graders on the theme of music at the Middle Ages in 2019 ...).

  => APEL ensures a privileged link between parents and teachers, as well as with school heads: meetings are organized during the year, both for the preparation of events  but also to discuss the life of the school, the realities of the moment.

  => The APEL represents the parents of pupils with the educational community (= all the actors of the establishment: administrative, educational, pedagogical staff, the pupils, the AEP).... The APEL therefore represents the all families during consultation events such as a school board meeting.


To join our dynamic team: go to the brand new website:

Everyone can engage in it at the pace they want! In any case, it is an opportunity to meet other families and participate in the life of the establishment!



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