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College registrations are closed. However, you can download the form on the home page, or send, by mail, a complete file including: 

- Last name, first name and date of birth of your child

- Last name, first name and profession of the parents

- Address of the child (two addresses in case of separation of the parents)

- School where the child attends (name and address)

-The class level requested (6th 5th 4th 3rd)

- A letter of motivation ( after reading the educational project and the school project )

- Report cards (photocopies) of the two previous years

Please send the set to the following address: Collège Fidelis, 19 rue Saint Denis 93100 Montreuil. You can also hand-deliver the paper file to the secretariat. 

On the home page of the site there is also a form to print. 

However, the pre-registration file can only appear on the waiting list. 

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