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The pastoral

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Fidélis is a Catholic educational institution open to all , under diocesan supervision. It is in line with Catholic Education and the Diocesan Project of Seine Saint Denis and wants to welcome children by offering them its values, with respect for everyone.


The pastoral inspires our Educational Project. Thus, the whole of the educational community of Fidélis (children, families, adults of the school) wants to be animated by an evangelical spirit, always in the respect of the conscience of each one.

The Establishment is located a few steps from the Parish of St Maurice de la Boissière. There are lived the celebrations of Christmas and Easter for the primary school.

Its priest visits us from time to time, comes to say hello in the classrooms, chat with the students at recess, all in simplicity. He animates our celebrations, welcomes us to the church...

Paroisse St Maurice de la Boissière
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