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du Groupe scolaire Fidelis de Montreuil

Pastoral care at school

Our pastoral project

"A school that makes you grow: on the way to others!"

The Fidélis private school is a Catholic educational establishment open to all, under diocesan supervision. It is in line with Catholic Education and the Diocesan Project of Seine Saint Denis and wants to welcome children by offering them its values, with respect for everyone.

The pastoral inspires our Educational Project. Thus, the whole of the educational community of Fidélis (children, families, adults of the school) wants to be animated by an evangelical spirit, always in the respect of the conscience of each one.


In our school, we want  :

1/ Believe in yourself, trust yourself by discovering your gifts, your talents.  


2/ Live and walk together with mutual respect for all, children and adults  : fraternal climate, freedom of expression and convictions, of solidarity.


3/ Discover our Christian roots and the history of religions  : our common cultural heritage.


4/ Highlight the highlights of the life of the Church , based on the calendar of the liturgical year, by promoting links with the Parish  Saint Maurice de la Boissière and exchanges with the parish team.


This pastoral project is written for several years, and will be lived differently each year in the classes, according to the projects of the years, the realities of the moment. The means of carrying out our pastoral project are available in the pastoral animation project, updated each year. You can ask for the pastoral animation project and look at your children's pastoral notebooks from CP.

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