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Vierge Marie du Groupe scolaire Fidelis de Montreuil

College pastoral care

In class , one hour per week of religious culture is given in 6th, 5th, 4th and 3rd. It makes it possible to study the religious and cultural aspects of civilizations, to develop judgment and critical thinking. The work is carried out in collaboration with the teachers who approach the themes chosen within the framework of the official programs: presentations, films, CD-ROMs, outings, conferences, testimonials.

At the college : several times a year, celebrations take place . They are open to all but attendance is optional.

Paroisse du Groupe scolaire Fidelis de Montreuil


One hour of chaplaincy is offered in 6th grade. Student participation is optional.

The chaplaincy is a Church community on a mission with young people in school. It is a mission of encounter with Jesus Christ and should allow those who wish to do so to grow in their faith and to awaken to spiritual life through Bible readings, debates, times of free expression...

Among the projects: a pilgrimage to Lisieux in April and another pilgrimage in June to Paris (chapel on rue du Bac, place of apparition of the Virgin in the 19th century, and Carmel of Montmartre to hear a testimony on monastic life) .

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